It is a reality of the 21st century marketplace that now and then, we have to deal with some IT issues. From problems with file access to slow computers, IT issues can be extremely frustrating.

Additionally, these issues often have a significant impact on the overall productivity of a business enterprise, making it all the more important to have a competent IT team at hand to handle any issue that may emerge. Besides, we know a failure to do this has the potential to bring the entire business operation to a standstill.

What might surprise you, however, is that though business leaders know how central IT is to the continued wellbeing of their enterprises, many of them continue to rely on in house IT teams which statistics show are often the real causes of these problems. Given the facts, you would think that using professional services like Resolute IT Support would be a priority for all entrepreneurs, yet the truth is anything but.

According to recent studies, a whopping 80% of all computer problems that companies experience is a direct result of a failure by an in-house IT department to do proper maintenance. Simply put, most of the problems that businesses deal with in IT can easily be avoided if they outsourced IT support. Conversely, companies that use tech support vendors reduce the probability of network downtime by 90%.

Perhaps these statistics should inspire business leaders to make IT support outsourcing their golden standard. Here are a number of signs you should be looking out for within your internal business process to determine whether you would be better served by a tech support provider:

  • If it takes your IT department over half an hour to respond to an issue.

  • If the IT department often finds itself struggling to find the cause of a problem and solve it, two hours after the issue was first reported.

  • If your IT department complains of being overwhelmed by everything it has to keep track of.

  • If you send out queries to your IT staff without clear and prompt responses

  • If you believe the money you are spending to maintain the IT department would be enough to get you a good package from a tech IT vendor.