Reporting can be viewed as the most unattractive part of your Skype for Business (SfB) UC, after all, some of us might say that if the SfB monitoring solution is up and running, there shouldn’t be the rush to pulling other extra burdens and costs. Contravention to such beliefs, SfB reporting actually holds some substantial significance to every organization; when it comes to accountability and tracking the returns on investments (ROI) as the SfB UC Manager, there is no better tool than an excellently developed reporting interface such as PowerSuite Reporting Solutions.


Deleaniting is valueless, by generating vast amounts of data, monitoring details of calls and video conferences, among other components that make your organizations Skype for Business UC, you will always have the privilege to unearth priceless information that can improve planning, enhance end-user experiences, in addition to spotlighting areas in need vast improvements.


So what makes up a reliable Skype for business reporting metrics?


  • The Executive Dashboard


Before narrowing down to specifics, you will need to first have an overall view of how your company is utilizing the installed Skype for Business Unified Communications Systems. It is the executive dashboard that gives an overview of the full adaptation of this great technology within the entire organization. You enjoy an overall view of specifics such as all poor calls, average user satisfaction, active users versus the calls, conferencing minutes and much more.



  • Usage and Adoption Dashboard


Since Skype for Business is an investment within your organization, you will need to gauge how it is being utilized within the enterprise. To effectively know the full benefit of the programme to the end users, the usage and adoption dashboard should be customized in such a manner that provides you with a comprehensive user experience from different quality visual perspectives.  Know the call counts, user types, active users, client usage across different deployments, just to mention but a few. The data collected is a good tool for looking into service availability issues, in case they are any.



  • Call Explorer


The call explorer comes with two sets of advantages; pre-packaged reports for everything pertaining key call data and patterns and a seamless user interface for coming up with customized queries. The pre-packaged reports include sharing functionalities, call failures, voice and video quality, among several others that enable you to troubleshoot assistance in simple queries.

  • Billing Records Dashboard


Finally, you need to cover the accounting requirements especially if your enterprise is such a large one. A billing records dashboard will give you the answers to various calls accountabilities and budget allocation during the next business year. With it, you can review details such as call counts and duration including the costs that should be billed to different departments and employees.

Reporting is the most proficient way of taking control of your Skype for Business UC environment since it gives you actionable insights of how best the SfB platform is being utilized within your organization. It opens up a whole new world of discoveries to achieve the most optimum end-user satisfaction and business convenience.