There are three key questions that define the security of your building; security is about who went where? What did they do? And, when did they do it? Since time immemorial, different civilizations have been implementing their own mechanisms of answering the above questions.

The reasons why we have doors and windows with unique locks is to account for anyone getting into and out of our premises. Nevertheless, there are lots of challenges associated with old methods of promoting the security of various facilities. Take an example of a large commercial building with various check up points full of security personnel, employing such a huge labour force is not only costly in terms of time but also remunerations. Thanks to technology which has enabled the invention of better security systems such ask key card access control.

Key card control systems are currently one of the most secure access control systems that any building can implement. The systems are replacing locks on doors with electronic devices that authorize or deny entry into doors. They are such advanced systems that account for everyone either coming into or going out of a premises.

Why do you need key card access control for your residential or commercial premises?

Control the movements within your premises: With a key card access control, you can assign different privileges to whom should access where within your building. If the card doesn’t harbour any privileges for a given card-holder to access a given section or the entire of your building, entry is denied and an alarm fired if he or she tries to breach the set protocols. Isn’t this a fantastic way of handling movements? I guess it is.

Control various fixed locations within your premises: Take an example of a business premises where we have offices, parking facilities, loading zones, lounges, and data storage areas. Not everybody can be allowed to access these various sections at their own pleasure with undefined intentions; otherwise, you could experience stock or some files missing with no one to shoulder the blame. With a good key card access control system, you can control such various fixed locations within your facility.

Limit access to equipment and technology: Integrative key card access control systems can be linked up with various equipment such as computers and machines. Such equipment will then be rendered operational if the right people with the right privileges try to access them. If the persons with no privileges of accessing them try to initiate their use, they will be denied usage.  

Who provide key card access control solutions?

You can decide to establish your own in-house team to come up with key card access solutions that suits your needs. However, there are lots of limitations to this approach as a result of the huge investments required in implementing the relevant technologies in building up the access system.

The most convenient way of getting access control solutions is through outsourcing to renown third parties such as; such third parties are economical to hire and have heavily invested in the required technologies to provide the best services possible.

What are the advantages of key card access control

Improved security: key card access greatly improve the security of people and property since there is no guesswork in whom is granted or denied entry; additionally, individuals trying to force their way into a given premises barely go unnoticed.

A single control system for all access points: Key card access control system offers a one governing platform for an entire facility. All you need to do is regulate the privileges each card has in reaching the various locations within your facility.

Difficult to duplicate, unlike the traditional keys: It is easy to produce copies of traditional keys. On a different note, when a key card access is stolen or even lost, duplicating it into more copies require special skills to carry out. Additionally, lost or stolen cards can simply be deregistered from the system and rendered inoperational in accessing a facility.


No changes of locks required: In case a traditional key is lost, the doors can even have their locks replaced. A key access card control system is flexible in that lost cards are simple deregistered from the system and new ones developed.


When considering different means of providing security to your premises, think of key card access control solutions as one of the most efficient and affordable means to securing your premises. With the system, there are no guessworks since every movement is registered and perfectly accounted for in the database.